Autumn’s really here.

I’ve been getting major autumn vibes lately, especially today while I was out on a walk. I’ve actually been kind of down recently because summer break’s over and I had to go back to school and start working again. August was still fine though and it hit me late September, mainly because I love summer so much and I was sad seeing it go.

We’ve been lucky with the weather though so that’s kind of brining my mood back up. I forgot how beautiful it can look when autumn comes around. This afternoon was literally golden hour deluxe.

Even though autumn’s (surprisingly) beautiful right now I know cold rainy days are just around the corner. I’ve made it through half October now so just one and a half more months until December brings the Christmas spirit! I know I’m not the only one counting the days until Christmas. Anyone started their Christmas playlist yet? Haha.

I want to start writing more random and personal posts on here, even though this one was kind of pointless. But I feel like you need to mix it up somehow to not lose the enjoyment of having a blog. I think that you often tend to overthink things you want to write about and then just end up not writing anything at all. I still struggle with if I really like blogging or not. Sometimes I think I do and sometimes I think I don’t (see overthinking again), that’s why I’m rarely consistent on here and I basically just post when I feel like it. Anyway, this post was rambly, hope you at least enjoyed the golden hour autumn pics I took today. Lmao.


Dresslily review.

This post is sponsored, however all opinions are my own. 

Dresslily is probably not the first website I would’ve personally chosen to shop at. At first glance I didn’t think I would find anything that would really fit my style. However, after browsing a bit, I found a few interesting pieces which I narrowed down to these three looks shown below.

One bell sleeved off the shoulder top, a poofy off the shoulder top and a highwaisted bikini set.

Based on what I got, I believe that the prices on the clothing is fair. I would say that it’s really cheap for the good quality. All of my items have thick, durable material, you don’t even have to wear a bra under the shirts which is a plus since they’re off the shoulder. The bikini was a really good material as well with padding in the top, which sometimes some cheap bikinis don’t have.

I ordered the two tops in a small and the bikini set in medium, and all fitted perfectly!

I honestly don’t really have anything bad to say about the products. The website on the other hand would probably be better if it was less messy and more organized. I found it hard to navigate through all the items, since many of them popped up on more than one category.

Other than that I’m very pleased with the service and I think I’d give Dresslily a 9/10 for the products, but a 4/10 for the website.

California dreamin’: my trip to Los Angeles and San Fransisco pt. 1

So if you are following me on instagram (and if you don’t I highly suggest you do lol) you might have noticed that I recently came back from the ultimate girls trip with my best friend. We visited Los Angeles and San Fransisco for a week each which was such a blast! I just felt like if I don’t dedicate a blog post to this trip then who am I? I got so much good photograph content and my instagram is (no joke) kinda on fire.

So here are some of my favorite places we visited in Los Angeles and San Fransisco. With all my own pictures of course!

So let’s start with Los Angeles and all the pink aesthetics there! Like, my instagram ain’t complainin’. We lived in West Hollywood which was about a 15 minute walk to Hollywood Boulevard where you can find the famous walk of fame. That was one of the first places we visited and boy was the walk of fame looooong. It was okay though ’cause you could browse gift shops on the way while looking at the stars. Another place I really enjoyed was Melrose Avenue, this is where you’ll find all the street art and also very on trend stores and thrift shops! This is also where we visited the famous Alfred Tea Room which surprisingly actually didn’t have that good tea… Don’t get fooled by all the influencers on instagram lol. I should’ve known though, I’m more of a coffee person.

On two different night outs we visited the famous Sur Restaurant & Lounge where they film the reality show Vanderpump Rules. It was a really chill atmosphere there, were the staff mingled with the guests and it was all so obvious that most people came for the show, which was really fun. On another occasion we went to the rooftop Secret Rosé Garden at Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel which is also a filming location but for the classic movie Pretty Woman. They had made the place soooo pretty, like a garden with rose walls and roses hanging down from above. You had to wait for a table but it honestly didn’t really matter ’cause you were so busy taking photos. You could even play badminton and bool if you got bored. Like truly it was goals, I don’t know how else to describe it. We sat there until pretty late in the evening. Also, do you believe me when I say that it got even prettier when it got dark and they turned the fairy lights on? And the view over Rodeo Drive from up there at night time was stunning!

So as I mentioned above we also visited Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. This was such a luxury/high end area that we couldn’t really do anything else but window shop haha. The place was beautiful though and all the stores so glam and pretty!

The beach day when we went to Santa Monica and Venice Beach turned out to be our favorite day! We were both amazed of how huge the beach was! Sooo long, but also so wide! It was crazy. Santa Monica also had some pretty good shopping with both a shopping street and a mall. This is also the first time I had the chance to try cake pops from Starbucks which was iconic. It only went downhill from there though… After that it was at least one cake pop a day.

And lastly we have Griffith Observatory. Because have you really been to Hollywood if you didn’t take a picture with the Hollywood sign? Yeah, sometimes you gotta do it for the gram. Getting up there was worth it though.

So that concludes my blog post on my favorite places I visited in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for part 2 where I’ll talk more about San Fransisco!


That Ted Baker aesthetic.

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

Are you also one of those people that loves anything classy but cute? Ted Baker just has this floral, feminin and chic feel to it. Having a pretty “girly” fashion sense, I personally adore almost anything Ted Baker. Bring me the pastel colors, the bows and floral skirts! I want to be apart of it all.

Image result for ted baker logo


So because of my slight Ted Baker obsession, I have therefore decided to collect some items from Dresslily that gives me major Ted Baker vibes, but for much less!

1. Dresslily // 2. Dresslily // 3. Dresslily

1. Dresslily // 2. Dresslily // 3. Dresslily

1. Dresslily // 2. Dresslily // 3. Dresslily

1. Dresslily // 2. Dresslily // 3. Dresslily

You are able to find all these items at Dresslily, and in honor of Dresslily’s 6th anniversary they are now having a sale with up to 80% off! So go check them out!

Press here to see their new arrivals, and press here for more fashionable women’s dresses.

The ugly sneakers we all wanna wear.

The ugly sneakers trend. So if you haven’t noticed it has quickly become the next big thing. Literally, if you google “ugly sneakers” plenty of these trendy shoes will pop up. I guess the most accurate definition of an “ugly sneaker” would be the Balenciaga Triple S Trainers which are basically sold out everywhere online, and personally I think for a good reason. I’m all for the ugly sneakers trend. So typically, I had to get some for myself.

After wearing my dirty, old and broken Nike Air Max since 2015 I decided it was time for an upgrade, now that I finally have found other sneakers that I really like. I’m also going to Los Angeles and San Fransisco for two weeks in less than a month, where we’ll do plenty of walking so this’ll be the perfect investment! You know, I wanna look cute and feel comfy.

Shop these really ugly sneakers here.

Get your ultimate style inspo by watching Netflix!


Besides online shopping and discussing late fashion trends, I also really enjoy watching Netflix. A quite recent series which allows me to do both is Dynasty, a remake series from the 80s, and most of the fashion inspiration originates from there. I feel like we haven’t had a series which combines fashion and drama since the Gossip girl era, so it was definitely about time. The two major fashion icons in the show are the main characters Cristal and Fallon Carrington. Cristal portraits a grown up/mature style with a more elegant and classy look, while Fallon is a more young and chic character.

Personally, I would want to raid both of their closets which is why I have decided to put together some Dynasty inspired pieces I found online that the rest of us can enjoy! Also, if you want even more inspiration, you can follow Elizabeth Gillies on Instagram. She posts a lot of looks from the show and her personal style is quite similar to the one on Dynasty I would say (judging by her Instagram anyway).


Shop Cristal’s look

  1. Fashion Nova // 2. Fashion Nova // 3. Fashion Nova // 4. Missguided // 5. Missguided // 6. Missguided


Shop Fallon’s look

  1. Fashion Nova // 2. Fashion Nova // 3. Fashion Nova // 4. Fashion Nova // 5. Missguided // 6. Missguided


I found Missguided to be the best website for finding Cristal inspired looks. They have a big selection of blush, white and nude pieces. A really good hack is to look through their ‘wedding’ tab to find more Cristal-looking dresses. As for Fallon, I really liked browsing Fashion Nova since they have a more on-trend/edgy style with loads of patters and colors.

So which style is your favorite? Are you a Cristal or a Fallon? Let me know in the comments below. Honestly, I don’t think I could choose. I’m probably a little bit of both!

This will make you want to go brunette!

Especially now when it’s summer season (and maybe also because of Kylie Jenner, or was it Kim Kardashian?) everyone suddenly wants to become blonde. I admit I’ve fallen for the “blondie obsession” myself and it has kind of made me feel a bit insecure about my brown hair. Do blondes really have more fun?

So to put my own mind at ease (and maybe other people out there, thinking about destroying their beautiful brown hair with bleach) I want to remind myself how awesome it is to be brunette and how banging brown locks can look.

A disclaimer! This might make you want to go brunette…